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Common Misconceptions About Mobile Device Batteries

Some insightful information on what each of us can do to increase battery life, efficiency and longevity. 

Myth: Avoid Using Y

Archaeological dig confirms Georgia as the cradle of winemaking

The Georgian National Museum (GNM) announced this week that grape seeds and vine dust dating back to 6000 BC had been discovered at the Gadachrili

Scary Stats

Some scary, fynny and very real stats from all over and about the internet.

3,450,964,599 Internet users worldwide.

1,076,589,055 W

IKEA is opening a DIY restaurant

LONDON — Having dinner cooked for you is one of life's little luxuries. But Ikea's new eaterie takes the Swedish retailer's DIY ethos to a ne

Eating Chocolate Can Actually Make You Smarter

In a new study published in the journal 


TubeMate is a very popular 

Coolest Barber Shop in Johannesburg

New Barber Stations, Reception Desk and Trainee To Serve You

Time to say goodbey to WhatsApp and hello to Telegram?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told investors how he thinks about monetising products. Zuckerberg said he sees the progressio

Ripmax - Chris Foss Wots Wot Foam-E ARF