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Common Misconceptions About Mobile Device Batteries

06 June 2016
Source: Tom Sullivan - Link: http://www.modelaviation.com/twinstar

Some insightful information on what each of us can do to increase battery life, efficiency and longevity. 

Myth: Avoid Using Your Device While It Charges

The only detrimental thing is more of a common sense realization: it’ll charge slower while you’re using it.

Myth: Always Charge Batteries to Full Before Using Them 

Modern batteries are Li-ion, which actually perform better when you don’t fully discharge them, although letting them deplete completely doesn’t have a dramatic effect on lifespan, and has no effect on capacity.

Myth: Don’t Charge Mobile Devices Overnight

Both Apple and Android device support offers the follwing advice.

"…it’s absolutely fine to charge an iPhone, iPad or MacBook overnight. All Apple devices are designed to limit incoming power once they reach a full charge. "


"What I would worry about is allowing it to charge on your bed. If the phone gets covered with a pillow or blanket or something it could overheat because phones get slightly hotter when they charge. Most phones are in cases that don’t allow heat to dissipate properly once they begin to overheat and heat kills batteries.”


"Yes. Charge the phone at night and unplug it in the day. If you do not leave the device on the charger too long you will have no problems."

Myth: Turning off Wi-Fi/GPS/Bluetooth Saves Battery

Wi-Fi actually uses less battery than maintaining a cellular data connection. According to Apple, you should leave your smartphone’s Wi-Fi enabled if you want to save battery. How’s that for debunking a myth?

Modern smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and its Low Energy protocol means that you can leave Bluetooth enabled and not worry about battery life at all.

Myth: Phone Calls/Internet Use/Downloading Files Uses Battery Fastest

The truth is, gaming and other graphics-intensive processes will drain your battery the fastest.

Streaming video or online (connected) games on your smartphone or tablet (or even your laptop) are responsible for the most dramatic battery drain on your device. Just about everything else pales in comparison. 



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Common Misconceptions About Mobile Device Batteries Picture 1
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