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Archaeological dig confirms Georgia as the cradle of winemaking

06 June 2016
Source: Wine-Searcher - Link: http://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2016/06/archaeological-dig-confirms-georgia-s-wine-heritage

The Georgian National Museum (GNM) announced this week that grape seeds and vine dust dating back to 6000 BC had been discovered at the Gadachrili Gora archaeological site in south-eastern Georgia's Kvemo Kartli region. Digs at the Gadachrili Gora site have been giving up ancient winemaking artefacts since 2014, when the international project was initiated by the GNM, the Georgian Wine Association and the National Wine Agency of Georgia. Some of the materials uncovered included grape skins and pips inside old qvevri (clay) vessels, as well as vessels that contained dusty remains of cultivated vines that date back to the 6th millennium BC. These findings have strengthened the country's claim of being the original cradle of the art of winemaking. Read more here.

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