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Air Power Hovercraft

R 449

Air Power Hovercraft is a "build you own" hovercraft vehicle to explore the power of air.

Age 8+

110 Piece Kit.

Build 20 different models from one kit.


Scientific Toys - Educational Toys

Galaxy Star Finder

R 450

Let your child find his favourite stars and constellations by providing him with his own personal star galaxy.

He can track his own patterns and the courses of the stars in this galaxy which lights up and rotates and comes with its own instructional pointer.

Cyber-sky CD ROM is an entertaining, and educational astronomy programmer that transforms your personal computer into your personal planetarium.

Cyber-sky provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and to explore the wonders of the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far off future.

It displays accurate charts of the sky as seen from any location on the earth.

Sky charts can include stars, constellations, deep sky objects, and solar system objects, and can be enhanced by the addition of labels, coordinate system grids, and reference lines. R

Scientific Toys - Educational Toys


R 60

● Clear Lens with translucent blue frame.

● Ventilated design.

● Meets EN166 PPE standard.

● Adjustable strap.

Scientific Toys - Educational Toys

6 in 1 Solar Kit

R 156

6 in 1 Water craft Solar Kit

Scientific Toys - Educational Toys


R 299

Complete greenhouse system for cultivating plants and vegetables in an "indoor" enviroment without soil, using a modern Hydroponics system.


A base, Adjustable translucent observation cover, Four growing trays, Fertilizer tank, Safe chemicals Bedding for propagating the growth of plants. 

Ages 8+

Scientific Toys - Educational Toys

Starter Microscope Kit

R 339

Requires 2AAA batteries (Batteries not included) ● (2) Prepared Slides

● (6) Blank Slides

● (12) Slide Covers

● (12) Slide Labels

● (2) Collecting Vials

● Petri Dish with Magnifier®

● Magnifying glass (3-6x)

● Needle/Probe

● Tweezers

● Instruction Manual 

Suitable for ages 5+

Scientific Toys - Educational Toys

Water Rocket


Using water and compressed air, Water Rocket flies with the same basic concept as real rockets,by adjusting the amount of air and water, the distance of flight can be varied.

Let's learn about air pressure and how it works! Suitable for ages 8+


Scientific Toys - Educational Toys

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